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Freitag, 20. Januar 2017, 14:47


Diese Umfrage wurde von NGD gestartet, weil sie die Rückmeldung von Spielern sammeln. Leider wurde keine extra die deutsche Community gemacht.
Natürlich dürft ihr gerne daran teilnehmen. Bedenkt aber, dass ihr euer Feedback auf Englisch machen solltet.




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Freitag, 20. Januar 2017, 17:17

Sie fragen all ihre facebook/twitter fans. Ich bin einer davon.


Füll halt die Umfrage aus xD deinen Eintrag werden sie genau so wenig beachten wie alle anderen :D

jo deswegen erstellen sie auch so nen blatt.. damit sie es dann entsorgen können :p
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Freitag, 20. Januar 2017, 17:33


fragt NGD ernsthaft die Spieler nach Balance?
Ich schmeiss mich weg :thumbsup:

Die gab es noch nie und wird es auch nie geben.
Mal ist dieses besser mal ist etwas anderes besser...

Damit haben sich die meisten abgefunden, da hilft jetzt auch keine Umfrage diesbezüglich, meine Meinung.
Das hätten sie schon vor Jahren machen sollen die Spieler mit einzubeziehen.

Lassen wir uns überraschen was kommt :)

Valhalla Syrtis Ra Ignis / Haven Alsius Ra Alsius



Dienstag, 24. Januar 2017, 19:48

Bugfixe und Balance Update auf Amun für alle jetzt Testbar.



Samstag, 3. Juni 2017, 09:24

Gestern von Leily:

"This month we will be fixing all possible bugs and annoying things so the game reaches a much better and polished state. At the end of the month we will make the Roadmap for the rest of the year, where the first item will be a combination of Clans and War in ZI-ZM with Squid Island.
We plan on making small updates several times during the month. We are going to fix very few balance issues because we always need deep analysis and we prefer to use time for frustrating things like mistakes that have been there for years.

Everything in its time, the important thing is to move forward."



Dienstag, 4. Juli 2017, 22:04

heute von Adrian

Hello everyone!

As you already know, during June we were focused on fixing bugs, but also on the reorganization of the remaining of the year.

We have a small update ready that we will be launching tomorrow with a few fixes, but most important of all is the fact that our bur reporting tool is now up to date, thanks to our QA team and testing volunteers. Before June it was very outdated and with a lot of bugs pending to be confirmed (which takes time but leaves them closer to be solved). Now we're ready to face the rest of the year and crush them little by little.

Also, we already have the Roadmap for the second semester of the year. Learning from the previous ones and the Action Plan that ended with the anniversary event, we decided to change the methodology, in which there will be no estimated dates or any order at all. The priority for the stages will be applied on the fly and there is also the possibility that we add something new if necessary.

Flexibility is what gave us best results and the nonexistence of promises as well. What's important is to make steps ahead. We're closer to have strong foundations on which we can build and polish. Yes, there's still a lot to do. What matters is to keep on moving.

For this remaining half of the year we will take on the following issues:

- Daily rewards
Reward players for entering frequently to the game. It's important that the loyalty to the game is rewarded properly and a bit more for those that are with us for a long time.

- Clans
It's been a long time with this debt to the community, about one of the most important features of the game and key to the retention of players and to avoid monotony.

- War in the Initiation Zone
The Squid Island will play an important role in retention and exposing the best side of the game in the first levels giving a preview of what the War Zone conflict will be. We are not making the most of this zone and through simple objectives we can make the players contribute to the conflict between the realms and make clear that the effort of getting there will pay off. These objectives will be coordinated by NPCs to avoid, in case it's necessary, sensations of imbalance or emptiness.

- Battlezones Matchmaking
Having the instances ready, we will continue with what we still owe to this feature: a revamp of the Matchmaking system. This will avoid wasting time to enter, minimizing the occasions where players abandon the queue and giving more and clearer information about what's going on. They will be accessible with Parties of a fixed number of players and with some restrictions to avoid cases such as entering with all members of the same class, etc.

- Quests and realm tasks
Get deeper on the lore of the game filling the gaps in the highest levels with necessary quests not only to get faster to war, but also to finish the stories that still have no ending. Also revamp the Realm Tasks for them to be easier to choose and have better an challenging objectives.

- Invasions
Ready for the second stage, in which the Realm Wall will not be as important as the objectives inside the realm. Gradually the challenge will rise and the need of the enemy or defender to coordinate will be of utmost importance. And the cherry of the pie: making all players from both realms to be able to be involved, whatever the level.

- Recurring events
Create events that can be activated when it's thought appropriate by the GMs in order to maintain the activity of the world as stable as possible. Currently this is done manually but the intention is to get to have clear interfaces, immediate delivery of prizes and relevant information in real-time.

- Enhancements to commerce
Expand the features of the Auction House to enhance its use. Allow the use of other currencies and give more options for a safer commerce. Give options to lend items to avoid confusion between users.

Ongoing tasks:

These three issues can be taken care of in any or all of the stages whenever it's deemed necessary.

Currently we're already working on Daily Rewards because we believe that the patience you have with us must be rewarded as soon as possible.

We're eager to read your comments!


Mittwoch, 5. Juli 2017, 14:46

Heutiges Update

Version: 1.20.1 (Date: 2017/7/5)


- Fixed: Pressing V to visualize all allies excluded a selected target.
- Modified: Revive had problems with Protection bonus and Sanctuary, so it was modified to Sanctuary in levels 4 and 5 and given a visual effect for the target.
- Fixed: Some items in the Auction House showed wrong attributes when put to sale.
- Modified: Rock outside Herbred was allowing abuses and it was removed.
- Fixed: Creatures that give no loot were activating the Loot Scroll. (IE: BZ bosses)
- Fixed: Mounting without waiting for combat cooldown was not working in the Initiation Zone.
- Fixed: Falling damage when exiting the Tribe Camp in Syrtis' Initiation Zone.
- Fixed: Combat mode got stuck when mounting.
- Fixed: Entering the surroundings of the Golden Dragon Cave by jumping into them.
- Fixed: Being able to attack allies after a duel was finished, getting them to their saved altar.
- Fixed: Anaconda creature was untameable.
- Fixed: Texts from level restrictions to enter the Battlezones were not translated.
- Fixed: Items with zero value of gold could be sold when selling them with other valued items.
- Fixed: Description of power Warmaster's Might.
- Fixed: Quest of Squid Island was showing the wrong zone name texts.
- Fixed: Several pine trees were higher than the ground near Aggersborg Surroundings.
- Fixed: Mounting below an arch in Imperia (x2653 z1105) caused falling damage after exiting the arch.
- Modified: Active bonuses shown in the experience bar now show days and hours as well.
- Fixed: Tome of Power Sets time restriction was avoided easily by relogging.
- Fixed: Extra commerce chat at WZ Markets when the Realm Chat is available in the War Zone.
- Fixed: Realm Guard Tunics (premium) and Archmage tunics gave wrongly a damage resistance bonus.
- Fixed: Fort chests could be used by enemies if they kept the interface open before it gets captured.
- Fixed: Not being able to jump, mount or change weapons/armor when carrying a Relic.
- Fixed: Casting Darkness successfully to a target wasn't cancelling the current casting of a positive spell on them.
- Fixed: Zone around Meleketi in which the players could access without dying and leaving a Realm Gem there rendering it unrecoverable.
- Fixed: Some users weren't receiving their daily tickets reward. Also, if a player didn't log off before they are given, now it counts as well the current session.

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Freitag, 8. September 2017, 14:59



We've decided to perform a test for a week about something that seems to be affecting a lot the activity in the war zone. Even if the objective of obtaining WMC only among the zones of the fortifications and walls was decided to avoid losing the concentration of the activity of these zones, other kinds of confrontations were affected and thus, limiting the options and variety at the moment of facing your enemies.

This test consists in allowing, for a week, to get WMC throughout all the map. We will see what happens and how this evolves to be able to make a decision next week. Your opinion matters a lot, so tell us how all of you see it during these days.

The change is already applied in Haven and Ra.



Freitag, 15. September 2017, 13:35


People, after analysing all that has happened and said during this week (not only in these forums, of course) we're thinking of:

- Mildly reduce the quantity of coins given outside fortifications and the wall. Enough for Invasions to give more profit but still leaving the ping-pongs, open field battles and hunting attractive. We think that a 25% reduction would be ideal.

- Give back levelling with creatures a bit of competitiveness, raising the experiences these give in the War Zone. We still have to think about the numbers, but the difference would still be significant between killing a creature or an enemy but we think that now it's too much. In the past we believed that, because of all the things that were said by the community, killing enemies was way more fun and rewarding than killing creatures. It seems it was a wrong reading of what was happening. We'll see how to solve this.




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Mittwoch, 18. Oktober 2017, 15:48

Clan Update kommt mit dem Halloweenevent, noch vor Ende des Monats, zusammen online! (dazu WMC überall in WZ) https://www.championsofregnum.com/forum/…952#post1884952

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Freitag, 27. Oktober 2017, 15:36

Zwar nicht im Forum aber was solls :D



Die Woche der Toten!

Das Event beginnt am Samstag den 4. um 9 Uhr GMT (11 DL) und endet am Samstag den 11. um 9 Uhr GMT

Auch die ersten Änderungen der Clans, eine neue Oberfläche mit mehreren Verbesserungen wird hinzugefügt!


Samstag, 4. November 2017, 18:59


Level required : 30

1º Adventure - "A matter of life or death"

Go to Montsognir, Altaruk or Fisgael and talk with Ursor, Saniur or Mauro

They will send you to speak with Osfrid Strongwill (Birka), Isebih (Medenet) or Idice Morningstar (Raeraia). You will need to find some Blood glass at Thorkul's rage, East desert coast or Mount passages.


Go back with Osfrid Strongwill, Isebih or Idice Morningstar and to finish the quest speak with Baldrik Hammerstriker, Daracan or Ancalimon Jadescribe

2º Adventure - "The zombie King"

Talk again with Baldrik Hammerstriker, Daracan or Ancalimon Jadescribe.

He will send you to the Great wall and to find the zombie king (war zone).


Once he die you can open his chest to get some obscure death essence, that you need to end this quest with your noble (Baldrik Hammerstriker, Daracan or Ancalimon Jadescribe)


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Dienstag, 7. November 2017, 16:44

Danke für den deutschen Changelog Gamigo. :)

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Dienstag, 7. November 2017, 22:50

Danke für den deutschen Changelog Gamigo. :)
NGD hat noch nicht mal deren Changelog veröffentlicht... Wie soll man da was übersetzen? :D


Dienstag, 7. November 2017, 23:30

Changelog by me.
Es gibt jetzt wmc in der wz
das halloween event wurde aufgespielt
neues clan interface aufgespielt
I Draco I
H a t e d H e r o e s

zDp; &n"containerC